Join everyone’s favorite host, Chris McLean, and camp cook, Chef Hatchet, as we return to our good old run-down camp, the world’s worst vacation spot, with 16 brand new contestants who must compete in extreme challenges for a chance to secure the ultimate title!

Total Drama

Total Drama is the hit Cartoon Network show that takes reality to the next level! The world’s first animated reality series for tweens, Total Drama first aired in 2007 with Total Drama Island. Created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, Total Drama now has over 171 episodes and continues to be loved by fans all over the world!

Spin-off series Total Dramarama, now in its third season, stars the original Total Drama Island cast members as toddlers in a daycare centre. Owen, Courtney, Duncan, Izzy, Beth, Leshawna and the rest of the gang may be small, but with fully-formed teen personalities, they outsmart Chef at every turn, causing havoc and destruction wherever they go!

A Total Dramarama movie – “A Very Special Special That’s Quite Special!” – was released this year.

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